Mário Fiori
São Paulo, Brasil,1908 – São Paulo, Brasil, 1985

Mario Fiori, sun of Italian immigrants, since his early youth was linked to the world of arts, being a great admirer of operas mainly.

He worked in the craft of tailor, learned from his father, Alfredo Fiori, until the 1930 Revolution, when he became nurse to help the medical-social assistance at that time. In parallel, he was a dealer and had a store of artistic products and materials.

Mario, who was always interested in everything related to the artistic demonstration in the city of São Paulo, saw in the photography a tool of accessible and modern expression of that time, capable of answering his experimentation. By referral of José Yaltenti, one of the founders of the Foto Cine Clube  Bandeirante, he entered to the club in September of 1948 and had an intense production until the 60ths. He was contemporary of important names, such as Eduardo Salvatore, Marcel Giró, Gertrudes Altschul, German Lorca.

His photographs are included in the collection of Instituto Cultural Itaú, MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo.