Badalona, Espanha, 1913 – Barcelona, Espanha, 2011
Marcel Giró

Marcel Giró, was born in Badalona (Barcelona, Spain) son of a textile industrial owner. Since his youth he was fond of mountaineering and photography. In 1936, at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War he enlists himself in the Republican Army, as voluntary. Disappointed with the constant confrontations between the different factions that fought against Franco, he decides to go into exile in France and he crosses the Pyrenees on foot. From France he emigrates to Colombia and later to Brazil, in the late 1940s.


In São Paulo his vocation to photography is reborn. He becomes one of the main members of the Escola Paulista de Fotografia (São Paulo Photography School), with origin in the Foto Cine Clube Bandeirante. His work is characterized by interpretation of abstract forms of his surrounding and by the experimentation with light and shadow, following the modern photography movement. Giró is quoted more than once in the seminal book Fotografia Moderna no Brasil by Helouise Costa.

The Estúdio Giró in São Paulo became one of the pioneers of advertising photography in Brazil.


When his wife dies, he closes his studio in São Paulo and returns to Catalonia. He abandoned his activity as artistic photographer. In his last years of life, he dedicated himself to travel around the world.


He died at the age of 98 in Mirasol (Barcelona).

His photographs are included in the collections of Instituto Cultural Itaú, TATE Modern of London, MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo, MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art